The Mediacom SSH Issue

Sometimes it’s a miracle the Internet works at all. For the past week or so I’ve been unable to clone, pull from, or push to private Git repositories from either Bitbucket or Github using the normal git clone syntax. The problem had the symptoms of a blocked port or a bad network route; I’d issue the command in Terminal and wait, and wait, and wait, and the command would eventually timeout. After a quick look at the Github documentation I tried ssh -T which also timed out and confirmed my suspicions. The ssh protocol was not getting through, but VPN and normal web traffic was.

Dropbox and AWS

Dropbox apparently saved a boatload of money by moving their infrastructure off of AWS and building out their own data centers. Taken at face value this might seem like a strike against AWS, but the way I see it this was the only way Dropbox was going to be able to differentiate themselves as a service. Their job is to provide cloud storage, something AWS can do easily, but if that’s the only thing you are getting from AWS, it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. This news once again got me thinking about the industry as a whole, my place in it, and how I think about cloud services.

Joining the NRA

Confession time. Every now and then I visit Fox News. I’m curious about what the right-wing is being told. Since they’ve written off every reputable news source as “fake news”, they’ve narrowed down the available sources of news to conspiracy nut-job sites and Fox. Reading through opposing viewpoints helps me clarify and solidify my views on controversial topics. Today’s read was about a mother of two joining the National Rifle Association.

A New macOS

I’ve heard several people on podcasts or blog posts claim that they’d like to see Apple hold off on new features that nobody wants and just fix the existing bugs in the Mac. This claim is normally followed up with a missive that they can’t imagine what Apple could add to the Mac at this point anyway, since macOS is a stable, mature operating system. Well, I can think of a few things.

The Future of DevOps is AI

The work of systems administration, that is, racking new hardware, running cables, and loading operating systems, is quickly becoming eclipsed by devops. Servers come from the factory ready to rack, and the base operating system has become nearly meaningless in the context of running applications thanks to Docker. All you need is a baseline Linux install, the specifics of what each application needs to run are taken care of inside the Docker container.

What's a Computer?

I’ve been enjoying watching the new iPad commercial of a kid and her iPad roaming around the city. Two things come to mind. First, is this what it’s like for kids in the city? Having never lived in one myself I find it fascinating that she just roams around, takes the bus, hangs out in an alley, whatever. Second, and more important, is what she’s doing with that iPad.

Veterans Day

I gave a talk at our school Veterans Day assembly today. I didn’t get everything I wanted to say in, but it seemed to go over well.

Two Months With iMac Prime

The 27” iMac 5K is unquestionably the best computer I’ve ever owned. After two months of daily use, for twelve to fourteen hours per day, I can say without reservation that this machine is fantastic. Obviously, I’m late to the bandwagon on this, better reviews than what I would write have already been written, and although those reviews are from 2014, they hold up well enough for the 2017 upgrade too. The screen is beautiful, like a massive glossy magazine. The machine is fast enough so I nearly never have to wait. Basically, it’s everything I need from a computer.

My Favorite Things About Fall 🍁🍂

Top Four is one of my favorite podcasts. Possibly my number one, although its probably tied with ATP and The Talk Show. It’s a strong contender. Marco and Tif Arment chat about some random group of things, and attempt to rank said things, usually failing because they can’t make up their minds. It’s adorable. It’s clear that the two of them are having a good time, and listening always makes me laugh.